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Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

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3 1/2" dia x 2"T


The main body may become blocked with soot after a few uses, which will reduce the flow of smoke. Using the chimney brush, push the tool through the smoking ports on the neck of the main body to clean out any left over soot. Wipe out any soot from the chamber. If care instructions are followed, Foghat will last for approximately 100 burns. Discard at end of life.


Kitchen torch is shipped without butane.

Kitchen Torch Precautions:
1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep away from faces of others, self and inflammable articles when using.
3. DO NOT continuously burn over 5 mins.
4. DO NOT touch the nozzle or metal pipe when using.
5. Avoid direct sunshine or placing in a space over 50 degrees celsius.
6. Use only acceptable butane gas.
7. Use safety lock when not in use.
8. When filling the gas if there is gas leakage from the inlet it means that the cylinder is full.
Foghat Safety Precautions:
1. Only use for intended purpose, in a safe environment.
2. Children should never handle this product.
3. Do not burn smoker shavings for more than 10 secs.
4. Do not place near other combustible materials when lighting.
5. Do not overfill chamber with shavings.
6. Always use the mesh guard on top of the smoker with shavings in the chamber.